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Netflix Playlist: The Castle

Netflix Playlist: The Castle

Between being sick, my job amping up, trying to make some clothes, and having two kids, I have been so tired lately! By the time we get my kids to bed, my husband I are practically zombies. My usual viewing of adult entertainment (WHOA, that sounds way worse than I meant it too!) happens after the kids are in bed. Since I have taken to falling asleep at 8:00pm or working in front of a computer until 2:00am, I have had little to no sitting on the couch watching show time.
This is distressing to me!
Today I took a look at what Netflix was offering for their watch instantly titles, and I saw one of my very favorite shows, It’s called The Castle.
So instead of giving you a whole list of things to watch, I thought I would just let you know that this show is one of the best.

It’s about a family who have built their modest house situated next to an airport into a dream home. The airport wants to expand and is forcing all of the neighbors on the Kerrigan’s street out, but they decide to fight back.

I love this movie so much because the characters are so sweet. Almost every single character is quirky, but kind. There are lines that have stayed with me since I first viewed this film over 12 years ago. You will find yourself saying,”How’s the serenity?” “He’s Dreamin’!” and “It’s just the vibe of the thing.” forevermore.

Don’t find my description enticing enough? Here’s a little bit of the beginning of the film:

I think you will enjoy it, so go watch it!

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