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A New Series: One Movie You Should See On Netflix, But Maybe You Haven’t

A New Series: One Movie You Should See On Netflix, But Maybe You Haven’t

Hey, Is this things still on?

I’ve said it before, but this year has been so sucky. All of us here at On The Rag Mag have had a hard time keeping it together, mentally and physically. It makes it difficult to think or write, or even think of things to write when you are mired in depression.
The fact that all of us have been in our own deep dark pits has been rough. No one wants to sit and read about FOUR different accounts of depression. At least we don’t want to publish a blog like that.

I myself am easing back into posting here. I’d like to start with baby steps. There is no way I am going to be able to post a list of nine movies for you to watch. I am going to take it one topic at a time, but I think my initial posts will be more truncated. Hopefully my writing muscles have not completely atrophied. So here goes…

One Movie You Should See On Netflix, But Maybe You Haven’t

This week I am talking about Serpico.


One evening I was at my Trashy book club and the ladies were extolling the virtues of Channing Tatum and other beef cake dudes. I couldn’t help but grimace. Everyone asked me if I didn’t find those dudes attractive, than just who did I lust after? The answer was easy and clear. Al Pacino in Serpico, of course. NO ONE in my book club had seen this movie. I had to google it and show them how ding-dang-delicious this man was in this movie. After my phone was passed around the table everyone agreed that Serpico and my husband share more than a passing resemblance. So now we all know I have a type.

ANYWAY, if you are one of my friends from bookclub, or a person who has not seen this film, GET THEE TO NETFLIX (right after you look at all these really very totally attractive pictures).


Frank Serpico starts out as clean shaven cute Al Pacino, he’s a newbie cop with ethics and morals, you guys. If he wasn’t physically attractive, his idealism would have won me over. I am a sucker for a guy who likes vanquishing injustice, I mean who isn’t? ‘m I right?

serpico 2

As time passes Serpico morphs into the hottest undercover cop in the history of the world.

Serpico 3

He’s fighting bad guys on the street and uncovering corruption in his own department. He’s got to fight law breakers on all sides, which leaves him all alone without a friend in the world. A LONE WOLF if you will, and you all know how attractive that can be.

serpico 5

Also HATS.
serpico 6

Lots and lots of hats are worn in this film.

serpico 7

Which are all strangely attractive, probably because they are on Al Pacino’s beautiful head.


This one’s my favorite though.


So nice you get it twice!

serpico loves dogs!

Serpico can’t deal with humans, as they always let him down, but you know who is always there for him?


HIS DOG. I mean REALLLLLY. He’s the hottest. Just the best.

Serpico 99

So all of the busting of the corruption and crime and what-not really tax the man. A bunch of other stuff happens which I won’t spoil because some people are not into those. (not me, I LOVE SPOILERS. Fer reals.)

Just go watch this movie and then join me in the Serpico fan club!

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