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So last year I said to myself, “Self,” I said, “This year of 2012 has been a real tribulation. I know that NEXT year is gonna be your year. You will be on top, because how could it get much worse?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It’s official. This year of two thousand and thirteen can officially suck it. This in fact has been one of the worst in my life. I am pretty sure I need to find a voodoo priestess and visit her school bus in the woods or something to clear myself of whatever curse someone put upon my head.

Nothing is going right for me. I know I sound like a whiner and a complainer. I KNOW IT. BUT YOU GUUUUUUUYYYYYYZZZZ. It is such a mutha trucking suck fest of yuck in my life. I sincerely think that if I started to self sabotage, I might actually make things better. It being opposite year and what not.

This weekend I had a MAJOR breakdown about it. I know I have said I have had breakdowns in the past, but this really feels different. I am having physical as well as emotional symptoms. I can feel my body riding on swell after swell of adrenaline for no reason, other than that I think I keep triggering my fight or flight instinct, that’s how bad it is over here. Walking around and feeling my face start to make an ugly cry happen every two seconds is just not how I feel like I want to treat strangers.

Anyway. If you are down, down so low that looking back to what you thought was your previous low is hurting your neck you have to gaze so violently upwards, there is nothing better than The Carpenters. So excuse me while I weep silently behind my hands, and enjoy!

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