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On a more postive note…

On a more postive note…

Sorry for my outburst here yesterday! I was not in my best place.
You know it’s bad if you post an article and after reading it your Bubbe calls you to make sure you still have your health.

I DO have my health. I have a great partner and wonderful kids. These are things I don’t take lightly.
Some days it’s easy to get weighed down. To feel the pressure of the modern world bending your internal steel cage, forcing you to buckle just a bit.

Other days you remember that artists like Curtis Mayfield have existed in the world. Then you go to YouTube and find some supercut video that someone made because they just wanted to share a bunch of awesomeness with you.

Sometimes, all you need to remember that the world is not so bad after all is just this moment of a dancing Ken Cosgrove.

So take your medicine and move on up towards your destination. I know I will.

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