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Netflix Playlist: Post Apocalyptic Party

Netflix Playlist: Post Apocalyptic Party

This week has been long and hard, my body is shedding the lining of my uterus something fierce, I feel super bitchy, and I have a lot going on with my various day jobs. All week I found myself daydreaming about a simpler time and a place with far fewer people to irritate me. I have been thinking of the simpler time after whatever man-made apocalyptic event finally happened. Sure, you have to fight off zombies, killer robots, pestilence, disease, lack of medical attention, and of course lawless wandering mobs, but at least there are less of them then the people bothering me in the real world today!

I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic movies. Especially from the 70’s. Some of my absolute favorite films & TV shows fit into this category. Here are 9 great after the disaster movies to watch instantly on Netflix this weekend.

1. Planet of the apes: A world overrun with bossy apes & a shirtless Charlton Heston. I adore this movie. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t understand you at all. Why haven’t you seen it? What in your life could take precedence over it? It’s got chimpanzee intellectuals, I mean really.

2. Lost: I watched this when it originally aired. I haven’t since, but I am thinking of revisiting it. It began airing right around the time I had my first daughter and Lost & America’s Next Top Model were my Wednesday night break time from my kid and my life. My husband would take her off somewhere and I would just zone out in front of those two shows. Both kind of fall into a fantasy/sci-fi genre, and both were very pleasing at the time.

3. Andromeda Strain: Oh, LAWD. I do love this movie. I do love it something fierce. A deadly virus forces scientists underground! It’s science, it’s scary, it’s a warning about red lights and seizures!

4. Survivors: I have recently started watching this BBC show about what happens after a virus kills off most of the population. I am enjoying it very much, but I keep thinking that it is called Outsiders. I can’t figure out why. There is not one brat pack member dressed up in jeans or leather, so I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact that they are all going outside to look for new soul mates and food and stuff. I don’t know.

5. The Walking Dead: I have a confession to make. I haven’t started watching this show yet. I know a LOT of people are loving it. I want to love it too! I just would rather rewatch Planet of the Apes four times. Also, part of being in a healthy relationship is waiting to watch shows together? At least that’s what my husband keeps telling me. My man is too busy watching C-Span (Seriously, that is a true story) to watch this with me. Sooooo, in my queue it stays.

6. The Colony: Just ran across this one today. I am keeping my descriptions short so I can get to watching it. It has all components necessary for an enjoyable bad or good show: Scripted reality TV, post-apocalyptic situation, discovery channel produced, pretty people pretending to be normal people.

7. The Stand: I LOVED this Stephen King book. I read it at an inappropriately tender age, and I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I am as twisted as I am. They filmed the movie in our town and I went and watched when they did a pyrotechnics shoot. I learned a lot about teenage sexuality and why they say you shouldn’t mix antidepressants and alcohol together that day, but that’s a story for another day.

8. Battlestar Galactica: Again, I feel like I should just be reminding you about this show. Not, say, educating you that it exists. I’m just gonna let you know that it’s available for streaming. You should have already watched this by now, and I know I am really bitchy this week, because I feel like giving you a D- if you haven’t yet. (You still get extra credit for reading this post, so there is that!)

9. 12 Monkeys: Sometimes Bruce Willis makes me uncomfortable, but then I remember that he was in Moonlighting and I am OK. Sometimes Brad Pitt makes me uncomfortable and I remember that he was in Fight Club and True Romance and then I am OK. Sometimes Madeline Stowe makes me uncomfortable and then I am still feeling uncomfortable for about an hour or so.

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  • Don’t forget “Night of the Comet” or Vincent Price’s precursor to Omega Man, “Last Man on Earth.”
    Can we just hold up in a house watching disaster movies in our pajamas for about a week? Please?

    • Night of the Comet!!!!

    • Let’s do this.

    • That sounds fabulous. I will put in the request forms now. Wait. UGH! We can at least watch one, right?

  • I have a very complicated relationship with The Walking Dead.
    1. I wanted to love it. I wanted to roll around in its zombie guts and make out with its corpse (ew).
    2. I liked it okay at first. I’m just talking about its zombie/apocalypse-ness.
    3. Then, something started to gnaw (like a zombie) away at me. Why, in this post-apocalyptic hell world are all of the women simpering and doing the laundry? Not just their own laundry or the laundry of their immediate families, but like everyone in the group’s laundry… random dudes’ laundry.
    While the men fight zombies – they’re doing fucking laundry…and also cooking everyone dinner.
    There’s also some extremely questionable handling of sexual assault. Puke.
    4. I tried not to let all of this cast a shadow over the rest of my viewing experience. I tried really hard. I watched 1st season and the first half of second season and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    Now, you’d think I might be discouraging you from watching the show… nope. I’m begging you to watch it, to either confirm that I’m right or that I’m overly sensitive and should give it another chance.

    • Hmmm, I guess there’s a reason I haven’t been able to get into it…

    • The women play a much bigger role after the second season and everyone knows guys suck at laundry anyway lol

    • your being over sensitive

  • oh no stereo types are too scary for independent women… mean while i am looking for the like button on this web page… fucking culture

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