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Netflix Playlist: Makeover Edition

Netflix Playlist: Makeover Edition

Well, friends, We here at On The Rag Mag are going to take ourselves a little hiatus for the next two weeks. We are super excited though, because after the holidays we will be back and better than ever. We are getting a makeover! That’s right, while we won’t be sharing our thoughts with you, we will be working tirelessly to make our site a whole lot cuter, and hopefully easier to navigate too.

While we design, code, and implement our new look, why not enjoy these shows celebrating the awesome tradition of the makeover? Whether it’s cleanin’ house or kicking a bad habit, we all could use some freshness up in here, don’t you think?

1. Clean House: One thing that I like is to organize things. I mean I think about it constantly, I day-dream about it obsessively, and I reorganize my house quite often. Whether it’s my house or my job, I am always thinking about how things could be streamlined, organized, prettified, and in order. So this show is just like a wish come true. I can and have watched it for days at a time, because it fulfills a neeeeeed in me. A hunger is satiated, and that is not a bad thing at all. Unless it becomes an addiction, then you should watch the shows at the bottom of this list.

2. Hoarders: I know I have written about this show before because I think about it daily. It is both a blessing and a curse because you can’t watch just one, but then they haunt you and when you look at your own piles of crap you see the ghost of hoarding to come.

3. Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares: I love this show. Partly because it was the first show I could find to stream for free on my iphone when I very first got it. It was through some weird TV guide kinda app, that I don’t even think is around anymore. I watched every episode of it I could though, because it was so awesome watching stuff on my phone! Also, I like Gordon Ramsey and I like things chaos being reigned in and things being organized, so this is hitting a lot of my happy buttons at once.

4. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy: I really loved this show when it originally aired. I am curious to know how it has held up. A lot of things have changed since 2003, but probably not that much. I think I will give this a rewatch soon.

5. All On The Line: Have I written about this before? I’m in a rush, hence why we need a hiatus! So just go with me and pretend I haven’t, even if I have. This show is fabulous and basically an arrow to your heart that will make you love Joe Zee forever and ever because he is amazing and brilliant and kind and a fabulous mentor. It will also make you hate everyone else in the world, especially the fashion designers he is trying to help.

6. Bridalplasty: I haven’t watched this. The scenario reads to me like something akin to Steven King’s The Running Man. Netflix says:

In this reality series, brides-to-be vie for plastic surgery procedures from their personal wish lists. Each season’s overall champ gets a complete makeover and earns the wedding of her dreams, where she’ll reveal her new look to the groom.

Does it sound like it is missing a grizzly death match? Because I think that sounds great. I, of course, will be watching this later tonight.

7. Dr. 90210: Here’s a show that makes you scratch your head, because SIX SEASONS? Really? I watched the first one and I thought it was pretty entertaining, not only do you see the patients who come in, but the doctors on the show let the cameras into their lives as well.

8. Celebrity Rehab: Sadly the first two seasons are not available to watch instantly. If you haven’t watched this show before, please understand that the definition you and I use for celebrity is not the same one applied here. Still, it’s an enjoyable show about people trying to change their lives for the better.

9. Addicted: TLC’s version of Intervention. I haven’t ever watched it, but if it is anything like Intervention grab your tissues and clear your schedule, because you can’t watch just one. It’s like, an, um, addiction, or something.

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  • BridalPlasty is so terrifying. Me, Lars and his brother Cameron were obsessed with it. It has a very David Lynchian quality. David Lynch meets Brazil meets Bridezillas.

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