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My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary

It’s been a craptastic month and I’ve hardly had time to put my mind grapes together, but you know what is a great distraction from all my cares and worries? My stories. Which brings me to my next point: My Mad Fat Diary. You must watch it. You have to watch it. I order you to watch it. Like, now. You heard me. NOW! Having just aired in the UK, it is available to us Yanks by way of YouTube. Who can say for how long, so just thank your lucky stars and get to watching ASAP. There are six episodes. Correction: Six wonderful episodes. You will laugh, you will cry, your heart will grow three sizes, and you will want to dig out your Stone Roses records and have a baggy sweater dance party in your bedroom.
Sharon Rooney stars as Rae. She’s utterly amazing. I want to kiss her on the mouth for being so fabulous. Claire Rushbrook plays her mum. I’ve loved her since Secrets & Lies. She’s perfect. Did I mention Ian Hart is in it? Be still my beating heart. Basically, this is going to be your new favorite show. Move over, My So Called Life and Freaks & Geeks. You’re going to need to make ample room in your heart for this baby, right here.
The story takes place in Lincolnshire in 1996. Rae’s a sixteen year old girl who’s just been released from a psychiatric hospital, where she’s spent four months after attempting suicide. Her mother’s told everyone she was in France to save the family from embarrassment. Rae comes home, fragile, insecure, still working through her issues, and starts to hang out with her childhood friend, Chloe, again. Soon Rae finds herself as an integral part of a small group of friends who know nothing of her struggles. At the behest of her therapist, Rae keeps a diary where she spills all. How long will be it be before the truth comes out?

Watch as Rae deals with her mum:

Crap friends:

Her therapist:


and her self-esteem:

Now, get to watchin’!

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