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Have you met Miss Fisher?

Have you met Miss Fisher?

Oh, kids. You know how I love a good murder mystery/detective show. That’s why I was delighted to stumble upon Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix.

Essie Davis stars as Phryne Fisher, a sharp-witted, stylish private detective in 1920’s Melbourne. She is a refreshing addition to the genre, thanks to author Kerry Greenwood, who originally brought the character to life through a series of novels. I think Phryne holds her own when stacked up against some of the other favorite crime detectives of the ages and manages to feel familiar, despite being a relatively new addition to the murder mystery universe. While some others, like Miss Marple, with her knitting in tow, and Lieutenant Columbo, with his rumpled coat and missing pen, count on being underestimated to get at the truth, Phryne prefers the direct route and is all confidence and swagger. She isn’t afraid of getting dirty, unlike our beloved, prissy Belgian, Inspector Poirot, nor does she mind a romantic entanglement or two, unlike our impenetrable bachelor, Sherlock Holmes. This is not to say that she always arrives at success all on her lonesome. Where would Miss Fisher be without her ever-growing team of useful assistants? For starters, there’s loyal Dot, her maid; Mr. Butler… the butler; Jane, her pickpocketing ward; and let’s not forget Bert and Cec, who started out as furniture movers, but soon found themselves handling some of the legwork for our lady detective. On the law side of things, meet Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, here to supply you with sexual tension and disapproving grumblings, and his companion, the adorable Constable Collins, who carries a torch for Dot.


Basically, you just have to start watching this show.
If you don’t, Phryne and I will judge you.

Series 1 is streaming on Netflix! Have I ever steered you wrong?

P.S. This is how you take a mug shot

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