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It’s time you made an appearance, kid!

It’s time you made an appearance, kid!

Tawnya’s baby is taking his sweet time making an appearance. You’ve gone past your due date, kid. It’s time to give the people what they want!

Here is a list of things Tawnya could watch to inspire that baby to get a move on.

1. The Cosby Show. Maybe if Tawnya’s kid thought Dr. Huxtable was in charge of the delivery, he’d be more cooperative? Plus, Pudding Pops. Hello!

2. The Mindy Project. Perhaps he would prefer a female doctor?

3. Junior. There’s a whole world of Ahnold to discover, kid.

4. Murphy Brown. High-powered career women, like your mom, really like to stick to the plan, kid. You’re throwing off her game, dude. Not cool.

5. 30 Rock. Plus, kid, we just really, really, reeeeeally wanna see you and get to spend some time with you IRL.

6.And if all else fails…. tough love:

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