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Hedwig Forever

Hedwig Forever

For the last week or so I seem to be incapable of listening to anything else but the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack. For those of you who haven’t seen it, shame on you. But then again, shame on me for not singing its praises sooner. I realize I’ve been in a bit of an emotional state as of late (blame it on hormones), but I love this musical so much, I can’t even think about it without getting weepy.

The musical’s plot revolves around Hedwig, a transgendered East German rocker, whose ex-boyfriend, Tommy Gnosis, has built his success off of songs he stole from her. Tommy Gnosis takes off on tour and Hedwig follows close behind, shadowing his tour dates at less glamorous locations, performing/reclaiming her songs, telling her story, and going after him with a copyright lawsuit. Along the way Hedwig learns about forgiveness and learning to love and embrace both “halves” of herself in order to become whole. Sometimes that other half that you’ve been seeking has been inside you all along…


Hedwig’s life begins as Hansel Schmidt in East Germany. Hansel falls in love with with an American G.I., Luther, who wants to marry him and take him out of communist East Germany. To do that, the couple must be husband and wife, man and woman. Hansel agrees to a sex change operation. The operation is botched, leaving him with an “angry inch.” Hansel takes his mother’s name, becoming Hedwig. The couple relocates to to the United States and after a year, Hedwig finds herself abandoned in a trailer park in Kansas – Luther having left her for another man. Hedwig forms a rock band and soon meets, Tommy, a shy teenager who falls hard for glamorous Hedwig. Hedwig teaches Tommy how to play guitar and schools him on rock history, soon they’re singing songs together…. until Tommy becomes famous, leaving Hedwig behind to pick up the pieces, once again, and taking her songs with him.

Seriously, guys, I’m going to throw out a lot of cheesy adjectives at you, but this musical is wonderful. It is powerful, emotional, lovely, and hysterical. If you don’t cry at least once and want to walk away taking on Hedwig as your power animal, then there is something wrong with you.


Now, please enjoy some of my current favorite tracks on the soundtrack while promising yourself that you’re going to watch the movie ASAP:

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