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Evil Dead 4? How about Drag Me to Hell 2 instead?

Evil Dead 4? How about Drag Me to Hell 2 instead?

The word on the street is that Sam Raimi just might start working on Evil Dead 4.

While the Evil Dead series is very close to my heart – so much so that I question the need for a remake , especially when you take all the funny out of it (what’s even the point of that?), I find myself wishing for a Drag Me to Hell sequel instead.
This incessant need for us to constantly reboot and rehash the beloved stories of our youth is really wearing thin. Sure, I can’t help but perk up when I hear rumors, however founded or unfounded they may be, of Ghostbusters 3 or Bill & Ted 3 or Alien prequels, because, let’s face it – NOTHING compares to the glory days of 80′s television and cinema. Those formulas were perfect, man! But how about we keep moving forward just a little bit? I have to believe that we are capable of imagining new stories and braving new territory instead of just waxing nostalgic to the point of bringing the industry to an inbred, crippling halt. I say the Evil Dead trilogy is sacred and perfect as it is, so why mess with it?
Here’s where Drag Me to Hell comes in. I love, love, LOVED it. It had all the Raimi elements that made me a big fan of his in the first place – the wit, the humor, the gore… and it felt fresh and exciting and while still having just enough of the ol’ familiar to make my old school heart happy. Alison Lohman was great in the role of our Bruce Campbell-esq hero of sorts, battling it out with angry gypsies, demons, goo, and bankers – no matter how futile the effort.
I genuinely want to know what becomes of her. Is she in hell forever? Will Clay try to get her out? Or will we get to watch some other unlucky soul suffer the same fate? Will there be more “Hang in there” kitty posters?
hang in there
These are questions I’d love to see Raimi address in another installment. While I’m sure I would find room in my heart to adore another volume of the Evil Dead saga, I also feel confident that Ash is taking good care of himself. With that said… Drag me to Hell 2! Drag Me to Hell 2! Drag Me to Hell 2!


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  • I hear you. I also loved Drag Me To Hell. And I know that without the curse, there wouldn’t be a movie. It’s just that, awesome though the ending is, there is so much left unresolved. “You deserve everything that’s coming to you.”, is what Mrs. Ganush’s granddaughter says to Christine in the movie. Really? There are murderers, rapists, and all sorts of scum in the world, and she supports her grandmother’s decision to condemn a person to Hell because of a denied BANK LOAN? Help us, Sam Raimi!

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