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Crazy 8’s: Law & Order

Crazy 8’s: Law & Order

I’m having one of THOSE kind of days. The kind of days where only Lenny Briscoe or Elliot Stabler can cheer me up. Why don’t we all enjoy a mid morning pick me up with these 8 pieces of Law & Order inspired loveliness?

1. W.W.C.M.D. (What Would Christopher Meloni Do) (2012) 2. Law and Order iPhone Cases 3. Detective Munch T-Shirt 4. A Missing Boy is Found 5. The Detectives Look For A Racist 6. Law and Order Button 7. Stabler/Benson T-shirt 8. A Night Away

About half of these came from the amazing Brandon Bird’s website. His art is fabulous, you should just go check him out:

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  • I’m in love with our crime show synchronicity today. This is awesome!

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