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Cagney & Lacey: It’s back!!!!!!

Cagney & Lacey: It’s back!!!!!!

Are you ready for blazers, turtlenecks, shoulder pads, sweater capes, battling stereotypes, stickin’ it to the man, taking a bullet for your best friend, havin’ to work overtime to bust criminals while your husband and kiddos are at home waiting for you, and having to work twice as hard to prove yourself cos you’re a woman? I am! I am!
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Cagney & Lacey, oh how I have missed you. You were streaming on Netflix. Things were going swimmingly. Then, suddenly, you were gone. Taken from me. Everything went dark. I floundered. I had to pick up the pieces and try to go on with my life, despite the big cop-badge-shaped hole in my heart. Then, there you were again. Streaming on Hulu. I rejoiced. Reunited and it feels so goooood.

Did I mention that Carl Lumbly and the Cobra Kai’s sensei are on the show?

and that Dark Shadows’ Willie Loomis is Lacey’s husband?

and they make out. A LOT.

So, let’s talk. Which do you like better? The Season 1 theme, “Ain’t That The Way?”

Or the Season 2 Bill Conti theme that sounds somewhat reminiscent of the Baby Boom soundtrack?

I can’t even pick one because I’m just so gosh darn happy Cagney & Lacey is back! If you need me, I’ll be on the couch watching my best pals, Mary Beth and Christine, clean up the streets.

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  • And NOW! – for the first time ever, you can own the complete series (all 125 episodes) and lots of extras, on DVD! See the Official Cagney & Lacey Website at for details and a link to the order form.

    • Yes! That DVD set is at the top of my wish list! Okay, everyone, just keep in mind…. my birthday is coming up in March… hint hint.

  • I have the set and have them all memorized.

    • Lynda, you’re my hero.

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