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Arrow S3:02 recap: Archers aplenty, sadness galore

Arrow S3:02 recap: Archers aplenty, sadness galore

Ugh, guys, this episode is going to be saaaaad. I can feeeeeel it. Hold my hand and pass me the tissues. Here we go.

The boys are already dragging Felicity/Cinderella in to do some work. Man, after what happened last episode, if I was Felicity, I’d be like “Peace out. Ya’ll can reconfigure your own phone system. I need some ME time.” But my girl Felicity is a trooper, so she’s all committed to the greater good or whatever. You be nice to her, Ollie!


“What? We didn’t just break up. La la la. Business, business, business.”

“Bad News Bears” Laurel is there with Sara’s body.


RIP Black Canary!

Black arrows pumped into her chest? Guys? Does this mean John Barrowman is about to make an appearance? I really really hope so! Dark Archer! Dark Archer! Dark Archer!

Everybody is sad and hugging and dear sweet Felicity is like, “We gotta get her to a hospital!.” Baby, no. Oliver closes Sara’s eyes and all I can think about is how everyone seems to be able to do that in movie/TV land, but I know you can’t do that! In real life Sara’s eyeballs would pop open again and you’d have to lay some doubloons down on her peepers to keep ’em shut! Anyhow…

Hong Kong flashback. Oliver looks like a member of Matchbox 20.


It’s 3 AM, I must be lonely.

This guy is telling Oliver they’re not on this roof just to hang out and reminisce about the 90s, Oliver has to blow somebody away, and if he doesn’t, Waller is gonna hurt his kid. Okay, let’s just clear this up right now. I don’t remember anyone saying this guy’s name, but IMDB tells me he is Maseo Yamashiro, so for clarity’s sake, I’m calling him by his name, okay? Okay. Yamashiro’s kid will get hurt unless Oliver does exactly what he’s told.

Snap! His target is Tommy! DUN DUN! Wha?


“Tommy, can you hear me? Can you feel me near you? Tommy can you see me? Can I help to cheer you? Toooommmmmmyyyyy!”

Oh, Tommy boy, we’ve missed you.

Back to the present. Oliver is consoling Laurel. Laurel is like, “Let me go active, Ollie!” and Ollie is like, “No! You gotta chill! Self care! Self care!” Oliver tries to call Thea, but gets her voicemail… again. But we all know, guys, that Thea is in training with her DAD! The Dark Archer! John Barrowman! Mr. Fabulous! I can’t wait for this daddy-daughter team to return to Star City! Oliver goes to the roof to search for clues. I still want to see a scene where either Oliver or Felicity is crying in their pajamas pants and eating ice cream. Looks like I’m going to be denied. Dig shows up on the roof with Oliver and because they love each other and know each other so well Dig knows Ollie isn’t okay. Dig’s like, “You gotta cry it out, man. You’re in no shape to go after bad dudes right now.” And Oliver’s like, “I’m fine! Stop looking at me!” *chin quiver*

Oliver has to meet with Lance as The Arrow and somehow not spill the beans that his daughter is dead. Turns out this mystery archer (Dark Archer or baby Dark Archer… I mean, right?) also took out a few other people last night. So, now Lance and team Arrow are hunting the same guy! Poor Lance! Somebody’s gotta tell him Sara’s dead!


Somebody tell Lance his baby girl is dead! ahhhh!!!!!

Felicity and Roy are tending to Sara’s body and Felicity is the sweetest person on this earth. Tech Village calls and Felicity tells her boss she can’t come in to work because there’s been a death in the family and she means it! I’m not crying! YOU’RE crying!


Quit your job, Felicity! Quit your job!

Hong Kong flashback time. Killing Tommy is a test. When Oliver tried to send off that email to his mom it sent out a cosmic tremor alerting Tommy that Oliver logged into his email account. So, Tommy must be looking for him. Waller wants Oliver to clean up the mess he made. Oliver can’t kill his BFF!

Back at Team Arrow headquarters, Roy is fiddling in an FBI database looking for Thea. Felicity walks in and sees Roy messing with her stuff and says the most wonderful thing ever, “That is a Cobalt encrypted work station. You better not be using it to Tweet!” Roy has his suspicions that Thea isn’t where everybody thinks she is. Why? Because he totally has a letter from her. Better not tell Ollie! Or, actually, tell him! Tell him!


“P.S. And if you think you’re getting your sweater back that I borrowed, you are wrong!”

Ray Palmer, creepy stalker and guy-we-don’t-trust extraordinaire, has been trying to woo Felicity into working for him. He’s even gone so far as to buy Tech Village (in a round about millionaire way). So she can either come work for him outright, or keep working at Tech Village and still sort of be working for him. Felicity is not havin’ it. What did I say? Quit your job, Felicity! Quit your job!


“I own you!”

As she’s storming out, Ray-Ray says he can tell she’s really upset about something else and he’s here to talk if she ever wants to (No!) and Felicity is cryyyyinggg! Noooo! Our girl, Felicity, has had a really rough go of it the last 24 hours (or however long it’s been since Oliver dumped her and Sara died).


Don’t cry, Felicity! Please, don’t cry!

Cut to warehouse-type place. Oliver is looking for answers. It would appear that the gentleman running from him in terror might have been a witness to one of Mystery Archer’s attacks the night Sara died. Wait. Hold everything. Did Oliver just dong-punch a guy out of the air?


[insert cartoon “boing” sound of your choice here]

Is it just me or did it seem like Oliver was totally unnecessarily rough with this guy? Mind your Ps & Qs, Oliver! You weren’t raised in a barn!

Diggle pulls up some archer stats. Come on, how many people in the world of super heroes and villains that strictly use arrows as their weapon of choice can there be??? Looks like our mystery archer is Simon Lacroix AKA Komodo. His profile looks like a screen in a video game. Like, I’m pretty sure I remember this part from Resident Evil 4.


French Canadian tough guy. No, really.

Arrow chases down this episode’s villain and now they are having a motorcycle joust. I’m not even exaggerating. And they’re both so committed to it that they go several rounds before Komodo makes his exit.

Hong Kong flashback. Oliver is trying to brainstorm a way to get out of assassinating his BFF and avoid getting Yamashiro (and his family) in trouble. Apparently it involves Tommy getting a sneak injection in the neck…

Back in the present, Laurel swings some D.A. clout around to question the witness that Oliver possibly dong-punched earlier. It’s looking like Miss Laurel might take matters into her own hands. Will it be possible for this show to make Laurel turn into a character that doesn’t annoy me? I hope so.

Back at Arrow headquarters, Oliver is giving Felicity crap about not being able to magically track down Komodo again. Felicity pushes back and says she’s doing the best she can, but she can’t pretend like she’s able to operate at full capacity because she’s sad their friend is dead. Oliver delivers another “Me Me Me” speech and basically says Well, somebody has to lead! (Bla bla, Ollie. Bla. Bla.) and that Sara dying made him realize that he’s mortal and could die any day if the right bad dude sneaks up on him. Felicity tells him life is precious and she can’t spend it waiting around in the dark. Dangit! And just when you think they might kiss again, Felicity walks out and Ollie looks like he was thinking what I was thinking and like the conversation was maybe going to end in kissing. I AM STILL GRIEVING THE FAILURE OF OLICITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m scared she’s going to turn to Ray-Ray for a shoulder to cry on. Don’t do it, Felicity! Don’t do it!


Once again… “This did not go how I thought it was going to go.”

In the hospital, Laurel is going rogue. The “witness” is in a hospital bed getting the tar beat out of him by Laurel Lance, our favorite D.A.’s office liaison.


Don’t mess with the Lance family, dude.

Somehow Laurel is smarter than EVERYONE and figures that this witness was no innocent bystander and has to know a little more than he’s leading everyone to believe. Turns out he’s working with the bad dudes. They were working on a deal with Ameritech Industries, but just before this unlucky fellow can finish spilling the beans, an arrow flies through the window and finishes him off. Laurel is not happy.


Another one bites the dust.

Oliver is still leaving messages on Thea’s phone. I hope she’s ditched her phone because the amount of voicemail that is piling up is really stressing me out. Why does Oliver only want to reach out to his sister when there is absolutely no one else he wants to talk to? Sigh. Roy fesses up about Thea’s letter and makes flinchy-face, waiting for Oliver to blow his top, but he doesn’t. Everyone exhales loudly.

Quentin Lance shows up at the hospital and tells Laurel to go home because he and Sara got everything covered in the unnecessary risks category. Ouch! Laurel, you gotta tell you daddy the truth! Laurel calls Felicity and shares the new intel about Ameritech Industries and then Oliver tells Laurel to stay out of it, too. Everybody needs to stop bossing Laurel around! Can’t you tell that she’s about go active???

Komodo’s next target just happens to be at a shindig thrown by Ray Palmer at Queen Consolidated. Looks like there will be some party crashers! Literally so, when Komodo comes crashing through the window and all the rich people start clutching their pearls and screaming. Soon it’s a ménage à trois of archers as Oliver and Roy gang up on Lacroix.


Just when Lacroix has been unmasked, Laurel rolls in with a gun ( I almost forgot those exist, what with all these archers around).


“Let me go active, Oliver! Let me go active!”

But guess what? Lacroix says he didn’t kill Sara! So who was it? DUN DUN! Dark Archer! Dark Archer! Dark Archer! Well, probably… I’m guessing here. Maybe I just wanna see John Barrowman’s face THAT badly. Laurel doesn’t want to believe Komodo, but lucky for him Laurel’s gun has been emptied of its bullets. Girl just wants some satisfaction, man.

At the police station, Laurel wimps out of telling her dad that Sara is dead. Team Arrow gathers with Laurel in the cemetery where they are burying Sara in what used to be her empty grave. Once again, Felicity is the sweetest. Following Jewish custom, she throws a handful of dirt on Sara’s coffin and everyone follows suit. Laurel starts freaking out about burying Sara in secret, saying that she’ll be forgotten and no one will ever know about all the good that she’s done. Then Dig says he and Lyla named their baby girl Sara and I am crying.


I’m not crying, it’s just the cemetery dirt in my eyes.

It’s time for another Hong Kong flashback. Tommy awakens in some dark damp place where Oliver is wearing a mask and using his Arrow voice for the first time. He tells Tommy that Oliver is dead and that the email thing was just a lure to get him to come looking so that a ransom could be collected from Merlyn Global. Then Maseo Yashamiro pretends to be a police officer and fake rescues him. I want to see more flashbacks of these two playing dress-up and tricking people.


“Next time I get to be the kidnapper and you be the cop.”

Back at Arrow headquarters, Ollie is making cry-face. Dig makes concerned face and says he’s coming back to the team cos they need him. Oliver’s afraid of dying down there and Dig says, “So, don’t.” And then they say “I love you, man.” and hug it out. Okay, so they didn’t, but they did in their minds, I know it!!!


Ollie: I don’t wanna die down here
Dig: So, don’t.

At home, Laurel is consoling herself by candlelight and then she picks up Sara’s cropped leather jacket… Put the jacket on, Laurel. Put it on!


Black Canary 2.0! Black Canary 2.0!

Dig stares lovingly down at baby Sara, Roy contemplates calling Thea, and Felicity tells Ray she’ll work for him. Noooooooooooooooooo! Don’t do it, Felicity!

In Corto Maltese (of course it’s Corto Maltese. It couldn’t be, like, Minneapolis or something), Malcolm is training Thea to be baby Dark Archer and it appears they’re getting along swimmingly. Team Arrow better get ready!!!!


Dark Archer! Dark Archer! Dark Archer!

Stay tuned til next time, kids…

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