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What To Do If Your iPhone App Freezes Up

What To Do If Your iPhone App Freezes Up

I don’t know if it’s because I wear glasses, or if it’s just because I do a lot of dumb stuff on my computer and phone and then have to figure out how to fix it, but people around me seem to think I know stuff about stuff pertaining to apple products. Friends and family will often call me to ask me how to do things, so in a service to them, and in turn you, I am going to document some of the frequently asked questions & their answers here.

Today we are going to discuss what to do when just one app freezes on your iPhone or iPod or iPad.

What do you do when you have just taken a picture and you are trying to pick the perfect filter for it in instagram and you only get that spinning loading icon for what feels like an eternity? This doesn’t pertain to just instagram, but that’s what we are using for our example today. Could be any ol’ app, m’kay?

Step 1: First things first, push that pretty little round button at the bottom of your phone. That’s called the home button. If that doesn’t do anything, and you are still stuck in the app, that’s a different problem than we are addressing today. You are going to want to force quit your entire phone, which we will be covering in a future lesson.

If you can get to the home page, that’s great! We are going to quit the app from here. (Yes my icons are color coded, what’s it to ya?)

Step 2: Double click the home button. You should get a little dashboard at the bottom of your screen with the icons of your most recently used apps.


Step 3: Hold your finger on the app icon that is giving you trouble until it starts to wiggle and it gets a big red minus sign in the upper left hand corner.

Step 4: Take your finger and press on that minus sign. The app icon, in this case the one for instagram, should disappear from the dashboard.

Congratulations! You just forced that app to close! You should be able to get back into the app that was giving you problems. If you continue having problems, or if this doesn’t allow you to use the app, you should restart your phone. This is just a quick little way to get back to sharing your insane pictures on the fly, which is what your phone was made to do!

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