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Fashion Party: Welcome Back, Mrs. Kotter

Fashion Party: Welcome Back, Mrs. Kotter

As a kid, I had a MAJOR crush on Mr. Kotter’s beautiful wife Julie Kotter. I loved her style so much. I also loved that she and Gabe Kotter had in my mind a FABULOUS apartment. (Yes, I was that kind of child that noticed the decor of every single sitcom habitat, thankyouverymuch.) I also really liked the rapport between Mrs. & Mr. Kotter. They were friends and in love! He was nice to her, and she tolerated him! It was something to aspire to, I tell you what.

Here’s an etsy style guide featuring some of the chicness of the fabulous Marcia Strassman as Julie Kotter, but first, believe you me you are going to want to press play on this here jukebox to realllly set the mood.

1. Vintage 70’s Owl Necklace 2. vintage napier silver tone horoscope medallion 3. Heart tassel necklace 4. Cream and Gold Pendant Necklace 5. Pendant Gold Toned Green Cabochon 6. Vintage 70’s Necklace 7. Sarah Coventry Daisy Chain Pendant Necklace 8. Vintage Locket Necklace

1. Rounded Aviator Glasses 2. PEACHY KEEN peach glasses 3. Vintage Eye-ware Rx Glasses 4. Vintage ’80’S Metal Oversize Eyeglasses 5. Vintage NEW WAVE Eyeglasses 6. 1970’s Oversize Eyeglasses Silver  7. Vintage 1970s/80s Pink Prescription Glasses 8. Vintage Aviator Eyeglasses

1. chestnut leather hobo 2. Hand Painted Tooled Leather Small Cross Body Purse 3. leather patchwork purse 4. brown tooled leather saddle bag purse 5. mustard yellow leather purse 6. Vintage Light Brown Leather Purse 7. Tooled Leather Purse – The Sienna 8. Vintage Dark Clay Brown Leather Purse

If you aren’t already loving Mrs. Kotter, here are some links to really hook you:

• Go watch the first minute of this YouTube video to see the sweet relationship between Gabe & Julie Kotter.

This Wikipedia article gives you more insight into her character:

[She’s] Gabe’s wife and closest friend. Though she has a sense of humor, she often wishes Gabe would take matters more seriously. She is occasionally upset with the amount of time her husband spends with his students, and she is troubled that he allows them to visit their apartment regularly; in the two-part story arc “Follow the Leader” the Sweathogs’ constant intrusions led Julie to separate briefly from Gabe and even seriously consider divorce. Originally from Nebraska with a college degree in anthropology, Julie eventually became a secretary, and later a substitute teacher at Buchanan after Gabe’s promotion to vice-principal. She makes several references to her “world famous tuna casserole“, a common meal at the Kotter dinner table, which Gabe (and the Sweathogs) dislikes.

• This People article from November 6, 1978 starts:

First, Marcia Strassman broke her wrist roller-skating with her buddy Cher Bono Allman and wound up in a cast up to her shoulder for two months. Then last March, on her birthday-gift motorcycle from Kate Jackson, Marcia took a header into Benedict Canyon, putting a gash in her lovely cheek that required 10 stitches and plastic surgery.

She’s only good friends with Kate Jackson, TV’s Charlie’s Angel SABRINA, & Mutha effin’ CHER!

• Marcia was totally the mom from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

• Marcia also had her own music career, was on M*A*S*H and the 21 Jump Street spin-off Booker.

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