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I heart Lily Tomlin

I heart Lily Tomlin

Here’s the thing. I’m totally obsessed with Lily Tomlin today. I was watching some Xanadu videos this morning (y’know, just a typical morning) and it got me reminiscing about how when I was little I totally thought one of the dancers was Lily Tomlin (look for the woman in the yellow shirt and black tie). Back then “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” was one of my favorite movies. I thought she was the funniest, most beautiful lady on the planet and I still think so. Thirty-something years later I still love her for her talent, her wit, her feminism, and her all around awesomeness. So, please join me today in worshiping at the altar of the great Lily Tomlin.

219G-060-002 SHORT CUTS PORTRAITSLily_Tomlin--Hair_helmetLP4QG00ZLily Tomlin Touching John Travolta's Hair

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  • She’s the BEST!

  • I agree The Incredible Shrinking Woman was the best movie ever. I made my girls watch it when it was on Netflix this summer. It’s still so good. I love her so much! When I look at pictures of Brett as a little boy or without a beard, I think he looks like her and I am pleased. Very pleased.

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