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Everyday Sheroes – Meghan Tonjes

Everyday Sheroes – Meghan Tonjes

Sometimes looking around the internet can be dangerous. You end up quivering in a corner somewhere after reading about how jizz will cure your depression (Gawker!) or about face-eating zombie people or how every ailment you have means that you definitely, certainly have the worst kind of cancer.

But sometimes…sometimes, there are little bright spots of loveliness. In that spirit I give you this amazing video, posted by Meghan Tonjes on her youtube channel.

Meghan is also an awesome musician, so check out her music channel as well.

Today – Meghan is totally my shero!

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  • I just fell in love and cried. She is awesome! “Why does it hurt you if I don’t hate myself?” YES!
    This goes back to the conversation we seem to always come back to about body ownership.
    Me loving me does not diminish anyone else! Amazing. Thanks for sharing these great videos and Meghan.

  • I was going to post about her! I just discovered her yesterday on a link on Feminist Mormon Housewives!

  • So awesome! This made my heart explode. Hooray for badass ladies!

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