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Link Roundup

Link Roundup

Do you crochet? Do you menstruate? Do you use a menstrual cup? Then this pattern is for you!

Some good advice on how to properly pin to Pinterest. Nothing sucks more than to find the perfect accessory/tutorial/pretty thing and then to follow the pin into a deep dark dead end alley where all you hear is the clink of bottles and a cat screech. We want those glitter shoes, but they will never be ours because you pinned them wrong, bitch!

Free Pussy Riot! If you haven’t heard of Pussy Riot, they are an anonymous, feminist punk collective in Russian known for staging peaceful, guerrilla performances in “highly visible” places.

After a 1-minute performance on February 21 in a priests-only section of Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior, three members were detained and charged with hooliganism. It’s kind of a cute sounding charge until you realize it carries a 7-year sentence. 7 years for 1 minute. Think about it.

You can donate to their council fund or better yet, stage a solidarity Pussy Riot of your own.

And if you’re going to do that, you’ll need a brightly-colored balaclava to hide your pretty face. Knit one yourself or buy one on Etsy.

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Are you in love with Amy Poehler? Do you have little lady feminists in the making running around the house? Then you should check out Smart Girls at the Party. It’s a webseries developed by Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker, and Amy Miles. They interview adorable young feminists, have impromptu dance parties, have a musical feature called Meow Meow Music. Guest stars include the likes of Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Will Arnett (obvs), Fred Armisen,  and lots, lots more. It’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Check it out now!

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