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Link Roundup

Peaches is making a Free Pussy Riot song/video combo and you can be involved too. Check it out!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent all summer walking around with chopped off leggings under your skirt avoiding the ever-annoying, Summer “Chub Rub.” Either that or you’ve been feeling the burn for the past 3 months. Chopped off leggings do the trick, but they don’t really make a gal feel particularly cute and they don’t last worth a damn. Enter – Thigh Society™. Sarah at Big Hips Red Lips wrote up a fantastic and detailed review (she’s awesome!) and we plan on snatching some post-haste.

Watch this and be hypnotized by Ingrid (played by Dorothy Provine) in That Darn Cat touching up her hair for the night. We feel a backcombing obsession coming on.

Don’t know about you, but this is a saint we could pray to. You can find this bad mama made by Trixie & Beever on Etsy. Check out their shop!

This week’s Throwing Shade is required listening. RPatz & KStew, Olympics and Chick-fil-A are discussed. Hilariously.

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