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How To Tie A Quilter’s Knot

How To Tie A Quilter’s Knot

Let’s talk. Do you spend an inordinate amount of time tying and retying a knot at the end of thread when you are hand sewing? Trying to get knot upon knot to line up with the older stack of knots you have tied, but ending up with a line of knots like sausage links?

Let me introduce you to the quilter’s knot. This little trick is going to make you cry, because it is so awesome. You are going to save so much time when you are sewing, it will literally add at least 10 minutes to your life. 10 minutes you can spend dancing, or drinking coffee, or just kicking back and smiling, because you have the secret of the quilter’s knot at your command.

Here is my very first video tutorial, wherein I teach you how to tie a quilter’s knot. I can’t say that I was drinking before I began making this video, but I can’t not say it either. So enjoy, learn, and use those 10 extra minutes well.

How to tie a quilter’s knot:

It may take a few tries to totally get it, but when you do… LOOK OUT WORLD. You are going to be adding buttons, sewing quilts, and embroidering like a champ.

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Melissa, known to the world as the foremost Glitter Technician, is the mother of two beautiful children and has two beautiful buckteeth. She currently spends her time making all kinds of quirky items and selling them in her Etsy shop. You can find more of her writing & her wares on her self titled site Melissa Nelson-Stippich.


  • Things I love about this video:
    1. You (and your sparkly nails).
    2. Hearing your voice in a YouTube video, whilst simultaneously blowing my mind with your skillz.
    3. This quilter’s knot may have just saved my life. I can’t believe I have never learned this until today.

    • When I learned it I was all like, WHA? Because my mind was blown. It was right around the time I was making all of Sadie’s clothes and I had to sew so many buttons on, and it saved my life. It’s awesome.

  • Your nails are so sparkly and glorious.
    I’m so jealous that you’re able to have longish beauties and still be productive with your paws.

    Love it.

  • This morning I was determined to learn the quilter’s knot (I am part way through had quilting a small quilt. My knots are functional but rat’s nesty like I learned from my mom when I was 8). This is the third tutorial I watched, and YOU finally made it make sense. I did it! Thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE learning new things at age 61!

    • HAND quilting 🙂

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