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D.I.Y. Fabric Memo Board Tutorial

D.I.Y. Fabric Memo Board Tutorial

Today in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a fabric memo board, also known as a French memo board. I don’t know why it’s known as a French memo board, perhaps to get you thinking about decadence and fancy fanciness? But really, all it does for me is conjure up ideas about class and cultural clashes. So maybe it’s supposed to be a memo board where you can store all your leaflets about keeping France pure, or something? I don’t know. All I know is that it’s a great way to store pictures or papers you don’t want to poke holes through.

Here is what we are going to need for this fabric memo board tutorial project:
A blank canvas: Can be any size, any quality. It can even be used, have a cast off from those days you spent on the plains painting landscapes? Here’s your chance to use it.
Batting, fleece, or thick felt: Any color will do. You want it a little springy is all.
Fabric about 2 inches wider & taller than your canvas: You can use any fabric. Cotton, corduroy, you name it.
Ribbon: Any width will do. You could even use bias tape if you wanted.
Buttons: Again any shape or size will do.

The only limit for this project is your imagination and your budget.

You will also need the following tools:
– A staple gun
– Scissors
– Tape
– Needle & thread

Look at this lovely blank canvas!

We are going to cover it first in batting or fleece, then fabric, then ribbons! This little guy thought he was going to hold the next Mona Lisa, instead, he will be holding all the little papers that were next to my daughter’s bed overflowing onto her head while she slept.

Soon my kids will be back in school & I won’t have to do these DIY posts at night. That means natural light people! Exciting.

Until then, you get these weird pictures.

STEP 1: Take your batting or fleece and place it down, smoothing out any wrinkles or bumps. Put the canvas face down on top of it. I used a scrap of batting I already had, which is why this is so wonky.

STEP 2: I don’t know why I forgot to take pictures of this step! Fold the batting up and over the frame of the canvas. Start on one side and staple in the middle. Go to the other side and tug just a little to make the batting taught, fold the batting up and over and staple that directly across from your first staple. Continue stapling all the way around the canvas, making sure that you are keeping the batting wrinkle free. I like to staple on one side, and then staple on the exact opposite side to keep things all even steven, but I am type A like that.

When you get to the corners, leave about an inch margin on each side. Pull down the corner as shown and staple. This mitered corner is just a little sharper looking & nicer.

STEP 3:  After you have stapled all the way around there will be lots of excess batting or fleece, just go ahead and cut all that away. Your canvas should look like this now.

STEP 4: Put your covered canvas face down on the back of your fabric piece. Make sure that you have put your canvas down on the WRONG side of your fabric.

STEP 5: Staple all the way around, just like you did with the batting. Make sure the fabric is smooth and taut, just like Madeleine Stowe’s face in that Revenge show.


STEP 6: Place your ribbons where you want them. This always hurts my brain! Cut your ribbons nice and long so you can move them around until you like the configuration.

Then I take a piece of scotch tape and tape in between every place that the ribbons overlap. I also tape them all around the sides.

STEP 7: Turn the canvas over. Now you can easily staple the ribbons where you want them. After you are done stapling, turn the canvas back over & remove the tape.

STEP 8: Sewing through the canvas, attach buttons at the places where the ribbons intersect.

STEP 9: If you’d like, you should attach a way to hang the memo board. Just staple a long piece of ribbon across the back of the canvas. I didn’t need to do that for this project, but now that I just thought of it, I might go grab it off the wall and add it.

STEP 10: Marvel at how awesome you are, because you just made a memo board!

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  • How brilliantly simple and demystifying your instructions are. This will be my next project.
    Thank you so much for making the instructions so easy to understand, unlike so many that I have read and failed to get my head around!
    I’m looking forward to your next one…………….!!

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