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20 Minute Glitter Makeover

20 Minute Glitter Makeover

I have lived at my house for about 7 years. When we moved in there was this horribly ugly mailbox. Someone had once painted it and put those sticky letters and numbers on it, but then when they left they took their name with them. What they left was a bunch of silverish/rusty boxes with turquoise spray paint around them. It was not purdy. I paid it no mind for 7 WHOLE years though, because I have had a lot more than my mailbox on my plate. Two kids and numerous jobs just to name a few distractions. I have always hated that mailbox though, and at the beginning of the summer I vowed I would do something about it.

I went to my local big box store and picked out a new mailbox. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t sassy, but it wasn’t all squished like someone beat it with a bat and it didn’t look unlovable. I got it home and promptly had to take it back because it was missing important hardware, I probably should have realized about then that this mailbox had some problems. Instead of thinking about it exchanged it for the same mailbox and installed that sucker. It has been working like a champ ever since. Although slowly over time, the plastic front of the box has changed color. It once matched the pretty brown color of the body of the mailbox. Now it’s lookin’ a little less coppery and a whole lot more oxidized. Not really what I was going for. Also, this has only taken place after two months of use.

What’s a girl to do? Glitter that shit up, of course! Not the real bird shit that is covering my mailbox, but you know the shitty plastic piece that can be screwed off and painted.

So I went to the craft store and got me some glitter spray paint. I chose a kind called Krylon Glitter Blast Paint . Not to quote Jerry Seinfeld, but what’s the deal with using the word blast in product names? Whenever I hear or read it, I think of the mascara Lash Blast:

Which then, thanks to all the product tie ins and commercials back when I used to watch America’s Next Top Model, makes me hear Drew Barrymore’s voice in my head saying Luuaaaasssshhhh Blahhhhssssshhhhht.

Anyway, I’ve been eyeing the Glitter Blaaaaashhht (try NOT to hear her say it, just try) spray paint, but it has had some bad reviews. It was just SO pretty looking there on the shelf, so I gave in and tried it. I had no problems at all with it. Except for the light headedness and the Drew Barrymore thing.

So I took the plastic piece off of the mailbox. I sanded it and washed it, just to get any remaining bird presents or road dust off of it. Then I put it down on some old newspaper.

Then I went to TOWN. I sprayed in even stokes left to right:

Until that thing was shining in the sun like a JEWEL:

Seriously, I didn’t know whether to make out with it or put it back on the mailbox. That could have been the paint fumes though.

Anyway, I let it cure in the sun for about 20 minutes and then I stuck it back on my mailbox. It took longer to write this post than it did to do the makeover.

Easy, Breezy, Covered in Glitter!

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Melissa, known to the world as the foremost Glitter Technician, is the mother of two beautiful children and has two beautiful buckteeth. She currently spends her time making all kinds of quirky items and selling them in her Etsy shop. You can find more of her writing & her wares on her self titled site Melissa Nelson-Stippich.


  • hot damn!

    • Pretty sassy, non?

  • I kind of want to glitter blast everything now

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