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Wild Flag. Get on it.

Wild Flag. Get on it.

Sleater-Kinney, Helium, The Spells, Quasi, The Minders… it’s like rattling off names to the soundtrack of my life about ten/fifteen years ago. So when Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, Mary Timony, and Rebecca Cole formed like Voltron to rock my socks off, I couldn’t have been happier. If you never got around to buying Wild Flag’s self-titled 2011 release, now is the time to make amends. Go buy it. Like nowsville. Seriously. It will grow on you more and more with each and every listen until you are obsessed.

On a related note – fuckyeahgirlbands on Tumblr is celebrating the radicalness that is Sleater-Kinney all week long. Check it out and hero worship to your heart’s content. Let the nostalgia waves wash over you and purify your soul.


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