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Monday Music Mixtape: What A Country!

Monday Music Mixtape: What A Country!

*ADVISORY* This whole post is not safe for kiddos, and most probably NSFW as the mix is naaaasty.

We have talked a lot about Pussy Riot on this site. I think seeing someone incarcerated for their beliefs is difficult, especially when they were protesting peacefully. On Friday, Tracy posted a riot grrrl music mix. I have been thinking a lot about the nature of free speech. With the recent chicken wars, the current political climate, and the upcoming election, I have been considering the state of the nation here people.

I thought about posting a bunch of protest songs, but my brain just keeps getting stuck in the gutter. I keep thinking about how reading the words PUSSY RIOT on news websites makes me giggle. (I don’t watch the news and have been on an npr blackout, so I’m not sure who is or who is not reporting on the band, but I’m SURE hearing an npr commentator talk about them would make me smile too.)

Should you want to call your politicians out, or talk about how “this pussy be yankin”, you should be able to. We live in a country where a lot of crazy shit goes on. There is the seemingly never ending political struggle for ownership of a woman’s body. There are people who protest affordable healthcare and who throw racial epithets like they are confetti. A lot of the time I feel like hanging my head down in shame, but then I hear a song like “Wiggle Wiggle” and I remember what makes this country great. We can publicly say the dumbest shit and still go home to our beds and our families.

A few weeks ago I ran across Enrique Iglesias’s song “Tonight I’m F**kin’ you.” I had to of course bookmark it for a future mix, because, Wha?
This song hurts my brain on so many levels. Like, first off I’m hoping it’s consensual, Enrique.
I don’t know why, but when my brain is grossed out by something I also develop a response where I love it too. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the enigma that is me that my poor husband lives with on a daily basis.
So of course this song became one of my new favorites. I decided I needed to make a whole mix of songs that both repel and entertain me.

So because I can share whatever shitty kind of totally inappropriate music I want, as my right as an AMERICAN, I present to you this mix of totally nasty and inappropriate songs. Enjoy?


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