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Like, It’s Totally Time To Like, Get With It. You know?

Like, It’s Totally Time To Like, Get With It. You know?

I don’t even want to count how many weeks I have written about the funk I am in. I just want to break free of my doldrums and get it together.

Up until this point, all of my tried and true methods of defunk-tifying myself have failed miserably.

I have watched period miniseries until I am curtsying in my sleep. I have knit and crocheted a veritable rainbow and still I feel weirdly disconnected from my body. You might suggest exercise, but that would just show how little you know me and we want to remain on good terms, do we not?

So as a last-ditch effort to elevate my mood I turned to some 80’s flicks. Why? Well, why not? There is a sense of nostalgia and comfort that comes along with those films I watched in my youth.

Today we are going to talk about Valley Girl. I watched it the other night and the soundtrack SPOKE to me. I mean I was moved and I have been listening to it non-stop. I have been on a new wave tear all week. It helps that my husband discovered the new wave station on satellite radio, so the car radio has been stuck on it as well. That’s what we call the fickle finger of fate stepping in and letting me know that there is a path out of the darkness and it is filled with skinny ties and fluffy hair. Or a coincidence, whatever floats your boat.

First off the movie. I really love it. Based on a novelty song by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa, the movie far exceeds its origins.

I have a crush on pretty much every single person who has a millisecond of screen time, including the two second cameo of Joyce Hyser from “Just One Of The Guys” (Another 80’s movie that can kick me out of depression, fer suuuure).


Deborah Foreman’s dimples alone make this movie worth watching. Watching her character Julie trying to navigate through the process of finding her own identity is so painful and yet very satisfying.

YOU GUYS. Nicolas Cage is totally cute in this movie. I think I need to write a whole piece about how much I love his old teeth, but this gif will have to do for now.

Seriously. The chest hair! The awkward laugh! The teeth! Consider my crush reignited.

This movie also stars Frederic Forrest as Julie’s hippy dad. That would be Capt. Richard Jenko to you 21 Jump Street fans.

Julie’s valley girl friends are all awesome, but one of them is the amazing Elizabeth Daily, also known as E.G. Daily. She’s Pee Wee’s girl friend Dottie, voice to many of your favorite animated characters including BUTTERCUP from the Powerpuff girls, she also totally has amazing rhythm.

Bitchin’ Moves!

Daily has a topless scene that is pretty, um, in your face. According to IMDB:

Director Martha Coolidge was required by the film’s producers to show female breasts at least four times. They felt it would make the movie more appealing to younger males.


I don’t know. There were lots of cute girls dancing in their underwear and stuff, so the fact that they felt they needed nipples too is interesting.

If you haven’t seen this and you want to, or if you are interested in watching it again it is available to watch on demand on Comcast. Because I am such a good friend, however, I also found it, in its entirety on YouTube. Here you go:

If you are just looking for some bitchin’ tunes to rock you out of your funk, here are songs from the soundtrack:

To listen on your mobile device go here.

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