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Sounds of Summer

Sounds of Summer

What is it about certain kinds of music that automatically make us think of sunshine, beaches, and get that nostalgic scent of sunscreen in our noses? Outside of holiday music being forced down our throats every winter, what is it about summer that makes us assign it our own personal soundtrack? Maybe it changes every year or there might be a certain band, song, genre of music, or specific album that recalls a certain summer or just infinitely makes you think of summertime. When I was in college my summer album was always Frank Black “Teenager of the Year.” Last year it was Best Coast “Crazy For You.” The year before that it was an all-ABBA-all-the-time summer. Maybe you just drive around listening to Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” over and over again. This year I’ve found my summer soundtrack in my local AM oldies radio station. Forget XM radio, that’s for losers with spending money. I’m kicking it O.G. style. I turn my dial to AM 1060 and imagine myself driving around in a boat-of-car convertible, golden light reflecting off my sunglasses, scarf tied around my hair, and when I reach my destination I will be handed a drink with a tiny umbrella in it. Nevermind that my destination is usually work and I have bags under my eyes and that special facial coloring one only gets from working under fluorescent lighting all day – I can daydream fabulous.

What’s your summer soundtrack?


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