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Monday Music Mixtape: Something’s On Your Mind

Monday Music Mixtape: Something’s On Your Mind

I have noticed that every single person I talk to had a rough week last week.
I don’t know what was going on astrologically, but something must have been up, because everywhere I looked people seemed REALLY stressed out.

I think we could all use a little break. So I compiled a mix of a laid back nature for us this morning. Something not to maudlin or depressing, but that can lull us into this new week with a sense of calm that just might ease all those hairs standing on end back to their natural state.

We can’t all be Mary Tyler Moore look-alikes with our own personal Mariachi playing to us whilst we recline a hammock. We can, however, try to start the week out with a little less urgency than we all felt 7 days ago.

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