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Red, White & Bulbous: A Patriotic Ode to 80’s Action Films

Red, White & Bulbous: A Patriotic Ode to 80’s Action Films

You’ll have to forgive me for posting this a day late, but I was too busy eating cake with my family and dreaming up ways to rain vengeance down upon my  neighbors who thought it was cute to keep exploding things until 3:00 AM this morning. But, speaking of explosions, what could be more American than 80’s action movies. Am I right? I say, am I right? Well, enjoy this little mix of action movie power tunes. If you take offense at any glaring omissions, you’ll just have to blame the internets and my inability to find things. After you spend 4 hours trying to track down the soundtrack to She, you get a little cranky and give up on the universe. Happy America Day!



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  • THANK YOU so much for including Frank Stallone. It’s from the best movie ever, with the best movie soundtrack ever, and now I have to go to a dance with fist pumping in the air whilst I listen to it.

    • YES! Frank 4-EVA! I really wanted to find the song he did at the end of Rambo II too, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. sigh.

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