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Music? What’s new? I dunno. I’m old.

Music? What’s new? I dunno. I’m old.

Yesterday whilst scanning my groceries the young miss behind the counter asked me if I had heard any good music lately. I really had to pee, my period had just started, and I had like 7 items. It wasn’t like we were going to be there for an hour to discuss it. I know I am just a curmudgeon and that she was only trying to be nice, but I thought that her question was a strange small talk opener. Do people really have conversations like that? Short ones?

The saddest part about the whole exchange was that it bright to light something I have been thinking about lately, which is the stunting of my musical growth.There was a time that if I had any expendable income it went to music. Whether it was thrifted vinyl, new or used CD’s, cassettes, 8-track, music subscriptions online, I didn’t care I was going to get me some. Friends used to tease the childless couple that we were, and ask what we had bought for our monthly CD allowance.

Then we had kids. My time for tracking down new bands is now non-existent. I don’t have the ability to scour books and biographies and learn about historical genres or overlooked artists anymore. I have maybe six or seven hours of desk time a week when I can be listening to music in the background while I work. The rest of the time my attention is very much divided between keeping other people alive & trying to do everything required of me to stay alive.

I occasionally run into new bands or new to me bands and get super excited, but I am wondering where do you find out about music you like? Is it word of mouth? Periodicals? The Library? Strangers on the street? Bathroom graffiti? WHAT? Just tell me already, I promise I won’t share it with anyone but the whole entire internet.

p.s. I used an image of a Joey Travolta album because, why not? and also because I have that album. And also may or may not be listening to it right now. And ALSO, I think it is probably the height of what’s hip and new right now. Right?

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  • Maybe if we let our Joey Travolta records kiss each other they’d have babies with new music on them?

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