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Monday Music Mix – Music To Design To

Monday Music Mix – Music To Design To

This mix has been playing on my computer all week. I wanted to jazz up my personal website, and spent a few or lots more hours doing so.

The two things I can count on whenever I am doing any kind of web design:

1. I will inevitably touch my face 2,014 times per minute which means I am going to have patches of pimples that are basically a large hand print on my face.

2. I will sit or contort my body in some dumb way, or forget to breathe and cause myself severe physical discomfort that I won’t notice until about 3:00am.

An example of number 2:  A redesign of my web boutique in 2004 resulted in my having to sit sleeping up on my couch for two nights because I had somehow tweaked a bunch of muscles in my abdomen and I could neither lay down nor stand up without a lot of pain. I noticed no pain during the hours I spent building the site though! Brains are amazing!

If I don’t have music playing whilst I work on coding and design, I tend to mutter to myself. What I mutter to myself is pretty much a direct line to my subconscious and since most often my husband works across the desk from me, I get more than a few raised eyebrows from him. Music also keeps me from unleashing a veritable flood of profanity upon whichever daughter of mine may be walking through the room during the day. I don’t mind them learning one or two “blue” words from me, but perhaps a 10 minute stream is a bit much to bestow upon my youngest in this her first week of Kindergarten.

It’s a pretty mellow mix that I imagine you could listen to while sitting at your own desk, coding your own website, if you are so inclined. I am posting this mix from Spotify, because I really like Spotify.


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