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Monday Music – All Hall & Oates, All For You

Monday Music – All Hall & Oates, All For You

I swear, I am gettin’ too old for this shiz. Last week I was nursing some sick kids and a cold of my own, and this weekend I messed up my back and spent the entire weekend alternating between a hot pad and a cold pack on my lower back. I could use a bit of an instant pick me up, and you know who is always there to do that for me? Darryl Hall & John Oates.

Some people call them a guilty pleasure, but I just call them pleasure pure and simple. I am partial to their earlier works, but really, I feel like their entire catalog is liquid gold, just going in my ear holes and coating my brain with the good stuff.

If you’ve any soul at all this video for She’s Gone should convince you that Hall & Oates are the best band in the history of bands, sound, or the universe. I mean, you have a lethargic, platform sandal wearing Darryl Hall, & John Oates playing guitar in a Penguin Costume. They just sell it. Throwing monopoly money at the devil? I mean, yes. Yes! YES!

I could watch hours and hours of their live perfomances:

Many, many, many of their videos are just these guys in awesome suit jackets in a black box performing. Each is a tiny masterpiece, ‘m I right?

Things got a little more artistic here:

My favorite of their fancy videos:

Darryl Hall has a show called Live From Daryl’s House, where he has current artists on and they play music and talk and just generally chill out. Here he is covering the O’Jays with John Oates.

Here’s one about pergolas and landscaping! Also a song too.

Here’s a nice big playlist of Hall & Oates songs to make your day awesome.

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