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Monday Music: Divine Will Save Us All

Monday Music: Divine Will Save Us All

This weekend was the pits, as Angie has already shared. My depression is a palpable thing today. Added to that, This morning my kids woke up the grumpiest they have ever been. Ever. Which is seriously saying something.

Last night my husband and I ventured out to see the film I Am Divine. We didn’t get our kids to bed until an hour or so after their normal bed time. My children are true creatures of habit, and that one hour change has meant that I am living with two people prone to lose their minds at the mere idea that I may have accidentally glanced in their direction. Never before have so many sighs and screams been heard in this hundred and twenty year old house.

The movie itself was truly wonderful. I love Divine, I love John Waters, and as I have shared here, I love Edith Massey. I have so much more I’d like to say, but my kids are currently screaming at each other, me, and the planet.

I thought maybe if I share some YouTube videos of Divine in her disco glory we could all, including my children, work on kicking ourselves out of our respective bad moods. It’s worth a try, right?

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