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Monday Mixtape: Swedish Folks

Monday Mixtape: Swedish Folks

Thanks to my new venture, I am spending more and more time away from my beloved television set, and more time in front of my sewing machine. This means that I am in need of a different kind of entertainment. I tried working with the TV on next to me, but I find that my eyes eventually drift over and I have suddenly lost ten minutes sucked into a Lifetime Movie. So I’ve listened to a lot of things, including new-to-me music. You may recall from an earlier post, I have had a hard time finding new music. Spotify or Pandora Radio are great at suggesting new songs and artists based on one initial artist. This has been very beneficial in my war on the olds and my musical unknowingness.

I can’t remember how I came across Elin Ruth, pictured above, but I like her very much. So much in fact that I started a Spotify Radio station based on her. I’ve been sitting at my desk sewing and listening to Swedish versions of American Alt Country, and it’s been fabulous.

Quite awhile ago I went on a trip to Scandinavia with my family. It was long before I had kids, and I actually had some expendable income. While there I went to record store after record store trying to find cool local music. I found a few albums I liked, but it was before smartphones and the internet in your pocket and so I was basically just choosing things based off of covers and as many of you may know, that is a hit or miss game.

I like ALL these artists on this list, and some of their cover art as well! There is nothing like adding a Swedish accent to a twangy song to make your heart smile. Because so many of these artists are not big names, I couldn’t find them on Groove Shark, so today you get a Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

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