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Mellow Monday Mix on a Tuesday Morning

Mellow Monday Mix on a Tuesday Morning

Yesterday I had this mix all ready to share, but I guess I listened to it one to many times. It’s smooth and mellow, and maybe I just drifted off into the ether of my subconscious instead of pushing publish. I dunno.

I’ve been working hard on my new Etsy shop, and I’ve needed something to listen to while I list orders. I’ve been loving me some soft dreamy sounds and this mix is just a taste of what I’ve been listening to lately. It sets a nice mood, but doesn’t require too much of my attention. If you are needing something similar, give this list a listen.

If you’re on a mobile device you can listen here.

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Melissa, known to the world as the foremost Glitter Technician, is the mother of two beautiful children and has two beautiful buckteeth. She currently spends her time making all kinds of quirky items and selling them in her Etsy shop. You can find more of her writing & her wares on her self titled site Melissa Nelson-Stippich.

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