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Mellow Christmas? I’m trying.

Mellow Christmas? I’m trying.

Hello Friends! I am currently trying to get through hand making every single one of my Christmas gifts. I wish I could say this was for some philosophical reason, but it’s because I’m broke. I’m writing this through a stress headache and I’m pretty sure through my peripheral vision I just saw a clump of my hair fall out.

I really love making gifts for people though. I love thinking about the recipient’s style and how I can best match it. I also just plain old love making stuff, so that helps too.

You know what else I love about Christmas time? CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I talked a little about it last year, and the same still holds true. I could listen to Christmas music all the time, and in fact since the first of December I have been!

Today I want to share a mix of some of my favorite mellower tunes. This is a music mix perfect for listening to whilst sewing or painting things or knitting or crocheting, just not for all of those things at once (believe me I’ve tried it).

I’m sure there are lots of other things you could do while listening to this mix, but I have forgotten how the world works or what it is like to do those other things, in fact I’ve been away from my sewing machine long enough as it is. Please enjoy this holiday mix. I hope it adds some mellow vibes to your preparations this week.

I’m sure this list is all messed up, I tried to shuffle it as I made it, but I told you I’m a stressball! So make sure you listen to it on shuffle, because I mean, you wouldn’t want THREE whole Elvis songs in a row, ‘m I right?

ALSO, Spotify just made a change to its service, so even if you aren’t a paying customer and you want to play a playlist on your mobile device, now you can! Before you could only listen to radio stations based on artists. Now you just have to sit and listen to commercials and the playlist on shuffle. That’s pretty sweet!

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