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Monday Morning Mixtape: Let’s Do This.

Monday Morning Mixtape: Let’s Do This.

Okay. I admit it. I have spent weeks, nay MONTHS, wallowing. Wallowing in depression and despair. I mean, things aren’t exactly as I’d like them to be in my life, but baby? They aren’t all that bad either. So in an effort to snap myself out of my funk, I’ve made this mix. There are some fabulous things on the horizon for myself, all the ladies here at On The Rag Mag, and for you too, I’m sure of it!

So let’s listen to this mix, dance in place, or all over the place, which ever gets your mojo working (I really like the word mojo, but I really do not like Mike Myers for making it feel yuckso to use it).

You can listen to this mix on your mobile device over at Grooveshark.

It's getting bettah by Bucktoothmama on Grooveshark

Featured image is the band Via Audio who I am kind of obsessed with right now. Hence including them twice on this mix.

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