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Jan Terri is cooler than all of us

Jan Terri is cooler than all of us

Limo driver by day, musician by night, Jan Terri has worked harder than most at her music career. With the help and support of friends, she’s promoted herself, made her own music videos, and kept making music for over twenty years. At one point in the late nineties, a friend of hers gave Marilyn Manson a VHS tape of her music videos. Manson was entertained by them and hired her to play at a private party. There’s bits of that performance somewhere in the dark recesses of YouTube, wherein Manson’s crew mostly come off like a pack of a-holes, but the gig brought her some attention, and with the nod of approval from Marilyn Mason, gave her an audience that probably would have never stumbled across her otherwise. Since the dawn of YouTube, a new audience has come to know and love her through her music videos. For those of you who might laugh at my beloved Miss Terri’s style, I dare you to make a cooler music video than “Journey to Mars.” Triple dog dare you, even. Whilst some might classify her as outsider music, I would challenge you. Me thinks you mistake confidence and being oblivious to your opinions for something more eccentric. I would wager that, for Terri, she doesn’t care what you think one way or another because she’s doing what she loves – making music and writing catchy pop songs that will stay in your brain for days and days after you listen to them.

Recently her music has become available for order online at places like Amazon and CD Baby. I suggest you acquire all you can, as quickly as you can.

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