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Hump Day: I’m okay, you’re okay

Hump Day: I’m okay, you’re okay

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the millions of things that are bringing me down, it’s hard not to get swept up in a whirlwind of cranky, depressing defeat. Soon I’m wishing I could go all Dark Willow and set off on a vengeance spree and destroy the world.

So, how do you come back from being Dark Willow? Well, it’s something I’m trying really hard to work on. Well, as of yesterday afternoon, anyway. I’ve decided to treat life like a really bad breakup. What do you do when you’ve just been through a terrible breakup? Well, first you cry. A lot. And you feel angry and confused. Then you start turning to all the things that comfort you, speak to what you’re going through, and build you up.

You listen to A LOT of music. Sad music, angry music, and what I call “Rocky training montage” music – stuff that gets you pumped. You remember that you’re alive. You didn’t die. Whatever happened did not kill you dead. You like things. You like music. You like movies. You like books. You like all the weird stuff that only you like. Then you take inventory and realize that maybe there are even other people that you like. Maybe it’s just one person or a handful of friends, but you like them and enjoy their company. You hang out with them. You remember that you’re a creative person and that relationship had been stifling your flow. So you make things. You write bad songs, poetry, paint something, make yourself a poorly fitted shirt with your rusted sewing machine, and put on a little more eyeliner.

Pretty soon you’re rearranging all the furniture in your house, starting a band called Lady Bic (getting sued by Bic for using their product name and changing your band’s name to Lady Bit-cuh), pretending that you’re totally going to learn a foreign language, and walking around like you own the universe. Yeah! You’re awesome!

So, here’s my Step 1. I like music. Remember, Me? We like music. Have some music!

I’ll let you know how the rest goes…


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