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Hindsight is 19/95: Mixtape

Hindsight is 19/95: Mixtape

So, time travel… I’m a sucker for it. Doctor Who, Outlander, Back to the Future, Looper – all yes. I do have to draw a line at The Time Traveller’s Wife because it sucks, it’s gross and it skeeves me out. I mean – it’s about some creep who practically grooms his loverrrr from when she’s a little girl. No really. And it’s supposed to be romantic. (shivers)

Hindsight, which airs on VH1 is nothing like that and stands firmly in the enjoyable, type of time travel story. I kept seeing commercials and despite being slightly embarrassed by the potential VH1 cheese factor, I couldn’t help but watch it. On the eve of her second wedding, Becca a beautiful, but overworked 40-something business lady meets a cute guy at a news stand and passes out in the elevator of her wealthy mother’s New York apartment.

When Becca wakes up, it’s to the tune of “Signs” by Ace of Base blaring from her alarm clock. It’s 1995, on the morning of her first wedding. WHAT. WILL. SHE. DO? Will she go through with her wedding to Sean even though she knows it won’t work out? Will she be able to avoid a horrible falling out with her best friend, Lolly this time around?? You’ll just have to watch.

The show is delightfully hammy, but it’s fun and if you’re an old like me, the music, fashion and technology throwbacks will send you down a flowing river of 90s nostalgia for good or for ill.

Would I go back to 1995 and have a do-over, knowing all that I know now – Helllllllllllllll YES. Not for any sort of true love quest  – but, I would definitely invent the iPhone and dress better.

Would you go back knowing what you know now? Here – let this Songs that debuted in 1995 MEGA MIX (No, really – there might be 81 tracks) put your mind-grapes in the right state of mind to decide.

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