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Friday Night Mixtape: HATE then LOVE

Friday Night Mixtape: HATE then LOVE

This was a week filled with tremendous highs and lows. It was my 7th wedding anniversary on Monday, which was wonderful, but then everyone and everything in the world decided to piss me off or let me down after that.

Politics, work, sleep… you name it, it was tryin’ me.

It’s not always easy when you’re balls deep in shit to remember that you’re surrounded by friends and family who get you and love you will make you laugh so hard you nearly die. But, luckily for me, this week it wasn’t hard to remember at all. My homies were out in full force, cracking me up and pulling me back from the brink.

So, haters – suck it.

Sweeties – Thank you. I love you.

Peace out.

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  • I love to hate with you. This is awesome.

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