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Friday Night Mixtape: Brain Dead and Twerkin’

Friday Night Mixtape: Brain Dead and Twerkin’

Oh guys! It’s been the longest week. I feel completely brain dead and tired and like turning around twerkin’ my booty at the world.

I don’t know, maybe it’s how close I am to finishing Dawson’s Creek (If Pacey and Joey don’t end up together I will be inconsolable! I’m just warning you) or the uptick in work dramz, but I’m a total waste right now. Every minute I’m not at work, I’m staring into space wondering what year it is and rocking back and forth.

Here’s hoping the weekend fills us all (but, especially me) with a sense of renewal and purpose.

See you on Monday.

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  • I honestly just stared at that animation for ten minutes, wondering how she does that…I could do the Lana Del Rey, but not the….whatever…

    • Isn’t it wonderful?
      It may be my favorite gif in the world.

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