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Friday Night Mixtape: Depressed Mood

Friday Night Mixtape: Depressed Mood

I’ve been listening to so much Depeche Mode this week. I haven’t been in a terrible mood until today, but I just got my monthly visitor, so I’m sure you’ll cut me some slack. For your own safety, I would recommend cutting me some slack. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, listening to Depeche Mode, who, back in the 19 hundred and 90s were sometimes called, “Depressed Mood” and occasionally “Depeche Commode” (you’ll dance to anything!) don’t in fact depress me at all.

When I hear their silly keyboards and dramatic lyrics my guts practically burst with joy.

I dunno… I find mopiness adorable. Angry teens scare the living shit out of me, but I always want to buy the mopey ones an ice cream cone.

So, pull your sleeves down around your palms and mope and dance like it’s 1988.

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  • I love love love you. I tried to see a Depeche Mode concert in the very early 90’s. It got rained out and was pretty much a despicable experience, which I think matches the tone of their music well. I still really love them though so thank you for this mix.

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