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Monday Mix: Eight Is Great!

Monday Mix: Eight Is Great!

If you are wondering what the eight-year-olds are listening to now a days, I can help you out with that. Well, at least eight-year-olds who love Glee and Drag Queens and are my daughter. This weekend we had a party and my daughter made a playlist to share with her friends. You can read more about it on my blog.

I share her list here with you, with one exception. A song called Fashion is My Kryptonite from the show “Shake It Up”.
I have a special love for pop songs, and I actually like this song, so I’m sharing the video with you, since Groove Shark, is like so uncool and doesn’t even have it on their site. Whatevvvvveeerrrrs.

Clickie here to listen to this playlist on your mobile device.

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