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Doolittle is 24 years old. I am old. We are all old.

Doolittle is 24 years old. I am old. We are all old.

There are two albums that I own in three formats. One of them is the Xanadu soundtrack. The other, Doolittle by the Pixies.

I first purchased Doolittle on cassette tape in 1992 or 1993. In college, I purchased it on CD and LP – I can’t remember in which order. All I remember is that my cassette tape started to wear out and I was forced to purchase it on compact disc, so that my tape could get a rest. I first started listening to the Pixies in 1990-ish. I recorded the music video world premier of Head On off of MTV. By the time I purchased Doolittle on tape, it was borderline obsession. Then it became complete obsession.
A couple of weeks ago Doolittle turned twenty-four. One minute I was making out to Wave of Mutilation in the back of my parents mini van and the next I’m an old lady trying to explain to my disbelieving 18 year old office assistant that I really did type my high school papers on a typewriter. Where did the time go?

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