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In Order To Move Like This, Yes, You Gotta Have Confidence.

In Order To Move Like This, Yes, You Gotta Have Confidence.

Don’t you love it when people post that they are going to be posting more frequently, and then they never post again?

I have a good reason for my absence though! I recently shared on Instagram (@bucktoothmama, heeeeey! If you like pictures of cute kids and my feet, come follow me) this faaaabulous picture:

I've had this awesome new accessory since last Thursday when I messed up my knee dancing at my cousin's wedding. Turns out, I tore my ACL. When I do something, I do it allllll the way people.

(Warned you ’bout my feet.) I’nit pretty? I was at a family wedding, which had dancing. I am a sucker for a dancing party. In fact, it need not be a party. I am a sucker for shaking it any ol’ place. In the grocery store, a parent/teacher conference, the middle of the road. I don’t care, sometimes, you just gotta shake that derriere.

At this lovely wedding, I felt my knee go all wibbly wobbly (this is a technical medical term, I am absolutely positive) during one move, and I knew I should sit down and chill out. I knew it. But you guys, you know what happened? The DJ played CAMEO. I mean… injury or no injury, I’ve got to move it when I hear CAMEO. I mean. really.

So anyway, I tried to put my weight on my knee on the dance floor and I fell. Whether it was the first time it hurt, or the second time, I tore my ACL on the dance floor, yo’! That’s the ligament that keeps your knee from going all hysterical and wandering like your womb. So for a few weeks now I have been sitting around icing my knee. It looks like I am going to have surgery to keep my knee from shifting out from under me every time I boogie.

I know that I could be sued for doing so, because what can you do but dance and maybe cause irreparable harm to yourself, but I feel the need to share some CAMEO with you. My fav’s are their older more funky songs, but of course I had to include Word Up! Please, watch these videos with caution, but ENJOY because CAMEOOOOO!

My personal theme song:

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