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Monday Music – Body Positive Dance Mix

Monday Music – Body Positive Dance Mix

I love Pinterest as much as the next person, but sometimes I can’t even see the cute little “p” logo without losing my mind. I will be cruising around, looking at cute clothes, cool art, whatever, and I will run into a board someone has labelled “For When I Am Skinny.”

These boards just break me. I mean, really. Why does anyone have to wait until they are skinny to enjoy fashion? Or WHAT IF they never reach that ideal size? I mean… that board of pretty things will just be sitting there for eternity.

I try to imagine the curators of these boards and the thought process that they go through in creating the collection. Every pin is like a little stab. I’ll look so awesome in this top after I stop being who I am right at this moment and radically change all of my physical and mental characteristics! or These pants will be the ones to motivate me to wake up tomorrow morning and be a completely different type of person than I have been for the majority of my life!

Based on my limited research, most people who have a “For When I Am Skinny” board don’t also have a board called “What I’m Going To Wear Right Now” or “Shit That Will Make Me Look Fantastic TODAY!”

I know this isn’t a new thing. I know that ever since the shiny magazine has been printed women have torn out pages to compare themselves to the models in the ads. Shoot, I’m sure some of our great-grandmas and great-great-grandmas used the Gibson girls and some generic daguerreotype ladies to torture themselves with.

It’s so depressing to know that there are people out there who are not having fun because of the shape of their bodies. I know this is a big ol’ issue (pun intended here! Because we must have a sense of humor here people), and we aren’t going to solve it in a post, especially a music mix post, BUT! Here me out, because this is the message of the entire post here:

sizeYou don’t have to wait around until you reach a certain size to look cute. You can have your hair cut however you like! You can wear whatever, and I do mean WHATEVER you like, no matter what shape you are! You can wear horizontal stripes and polka dots together! You can express your style in whatever the way you like! It’s awesome when you know this.

You will blow people’s minds when you do this. How do I know? Because I do it. Since the time I turned double digits, I have worn double digits. If I waited to dress attractively until I hit what the peeps call skinny, I’d be wearing a whole lot of nothing, because that’s just never going to happen.

I LOVE cute clothes.
I LOVE dressing up.
I LOVE my body.

This did not happen over night. This did happen when I decided that I am worthy of enjoying myself. I don’t care what size you are, seriously, I don’t. I just want you to be happy and to have fun. I want you to find things that make you feel fabulous TODAY, not tomorrow or the next day. TODAY.

So get over to Pinterest or to a catalog or to a real store and give yourself a break. Look at things that are colors you like, shapes you like, and go for it! You can listen to this mix while you do it. Here’s a great body positive Pinterest board to get you started, and here’s my own personal fashion board, if you are interested.

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