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Band you should hear & heart: La Luz

Band you should hear & heart: La Luz

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing La Luz – an all-female, Seattle, surf-rock-band open up for Of Montreal. They won me over instantly with their gorgeous harmonies and rock-solid skillzz.

La Luz is composed of Shana Cleveland (guitar), Marian Li Pino (drums), Abbey Blackwell (bass) and Alice Sadahl (keyboard). All of the women sing and sing beautifully together.

Their mix of upbeat, yet dreamy surf-rock had the crowd dancing, swaying and dreaming right along with them. Myself, I was dreaming of clam-bakes, Pulp Fiction and ponytails.

Horrifically, a few days after I saw them play the members of La Luz were in a terrible car accident between Boise and Seattle. A semi-collided into their already broken down tour van – destroying the van, most of their gear and merchandise and leaving them strapped with medical bills. 

As you may have heard, on our way to a home show in Seattle on our tour with of Montreal, we were in a serious accident that injured us and destroyed our beloved van “Old Faithful”, along with pretty much all of our gear and a bunch of other stuff. The short version is this: first I woke up from my backseat nap screaming as we lost control on some black ice on the freeway that sent us flying all over the road until we crashed into a concrete blocker. We managed to get the van to the side of the road and were scared but relieved that we had made it out of that ok. We called the cops and AAA and told them where we were and waited for help. Then we sat in terrified silence. About 20 or so minutes later I heard Marian (who was looking in the rear view mirror) say something like “Oh no, it’s coming” and the next moment it happened, in a horrifying instant a semi truck flew into the back of our van. We are beaten up but grateful and amazed to be alive today.

They’ve sadly had to cancel the rest of their tour with Of Montreal.

So, listen to some of their tunes and if you like what you hear (*spoiler…you will), buy a record or donate to help these guys get back on the road.

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