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Seth MacFarlane is a boring douchebag

Seth MacFarlane is a boring douchebag

Okay, I’ll only touch on the Oscars for a moment here, because I think many others have already addressed the issue more eloquently than I am capable of at the moment (read: Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters and Sexism Fatigue: When Seth MacFarlane is a Complete Ass and You Don’t Even Notice for starters). Besides never having found him to be funny ever, this type of unabashed, blatant, horrifying sexism is humiliating and embarrassing. Not just for the women he name-checked, but for everyone ever born on the planet who has to put up with this kind of dismissive, callous misogyny on a daily basis for their entirety of their lives because they were born with a vagina. This performance was the equivalent of inviting the valedictorian to speak at her graduation and then being told she has to take part in a wet t-shirt contest on stage before she can give her speech. This is the kind of behavior that women have to start putting up with from the onset of puberty to the end of their lives, so we should just be used to it, right? It’s just a joke! Don’t be a party pooper! Lighten up! Seeing the reactions of some of the women present actually breaks my heart.


I wish so much, that everyone in attendance who found his childish display offensive would have stood up and walked out. Like I said before, I’ve never been a fan of his, but now I actually loathe him. I hope a cartoon 1,000 lb anvil lands on his balls. If he wants to be the champion of  losers who have Victoria Secret catalogs and issues of Maxim delivered to their homes to jerk off to, then, by all means, carry on, Seth. Carry on. Now, I’m going to sit back and  imagine Seth MacFarlane’s unfunny face falling into the fires of Mount Doom, Gollum style.

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  • Oh, but all the cool, pretty girls thought it was funny, right? Only bitter, hairy-legged feminists would have a problem with being publicly demeaned for their artistic contributions at one of the most prestigious award ceremonies they might ever hope to attend.

    Gross. My stomach absolutely turned when he mentioned Jodi Foster in “The Accused”. Seth, if you find scenes like that stimulating enough to mention in your ode to jackassery musical number, you’re as much of a psycho as you are an unfunny douchebag.

  • Um, you’re retarded. Seth is hilarious. It’s not sexism, it’s a joke. You really do need to lighten up. Also, that whole “We Saw Your Boobs’ bit was filmed beforehand, and they actresses were um, ACTING. Seriously…women are always so uptight about everything.

    • Um, yeah, see I think Mr. MacFarlane completely missed the mark with that weak attempt at postmodern irony. If it was even remotely humorous or if it didn’t name check several rape scenes in his list of “noteworthy” boob scenes or if it felt at all like “Hey, ladies, the industry is totally sexist and that really needs to change and us smart dudes have your back” – I might have let it go, but sadly that performance just it made it seem like even more of a gross boys club in there. Because let’s face it, the Academy is already a boys club and “jokes” like that are used to undermine women, not empower them.

  • Kristy-
    Also, while we’re being humorless women/feminists…let me also bust your balls with some intersetionality over your use of the word, “retarded” as a slur.
    Ableist, privileged and gross….just like Seth McFarland. It’s the circle of life.

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