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A cautionary tale as told through feminine hygiene ads

A cautionary tale as told through feminine hygiene ads

Oh, what would the world be like if we couldn’t be shamed into buying products we don’t need and tricked into hating our bodies? Well, please enjoy this assortment of vintage feminine hygiene ads to remind you how terrified the world is of your “down-there” bits.

So your husband’s left you.
And you can’t figure out why.
See, it’s all your fault. You’re a girl. A girl with lady parts. And you forgot to squirt Lysol up your hoo-ha. You’re a terrible, terrible person.
And now serial killers are going to get you.
All the girls with perfumed crotches get to stick them in everyone’s faces with confidence.
And ride skateboards.
And be beautiful angel queen goddesses of the forest.
But you didn’t. So now you’re all alone. In a field. Wondering where it all went wrong.

Now console yourself with these educational films:

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